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Have To VS Get To

I came across this short blog by accident and it really resonated with me. When I think of the goals that I either found really hard or challenging and in some cases I didn’t complete. There was that feeling attached to the goals that I had to do it. Now where there...

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Networking – The Power of Proximity

Networking used to be an area where my confidence would be challenged. Each time the same anxieties would take centre stage. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 😲 I’m going to be surrounded by people I don’t know 😲 I’m going to have to talk about myself and my business. Have I got my pitch right⁉️...

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The Power of Commitment

How many commitments have you made this month? Each day we make several decisions about various things. The things that get acted upon are usually determined by how committed we are to them or to the outcome. When we commit, we are trusting the fact that we will go...

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10 Reasons Why Your Startup Isn’t Getting Customers

10 Reasons Why Your Startup Isn't Getting Customers I read this article by By Aj Agrawal and found it very interesting. I couldn't keep it to myself hence why I'm sharing it with you. Here are ten of the most common, but often overlooked, reasons why your startup...

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Possibility Focused – What does it take?

I came across the term Possibility Focused by accident, and as I type this blog I’m realising that; actually it wasn’t an accident. For the past few weeks I have been totally committed to practising my affirmations and focusing on attracting what I need and want. So,...

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You Know How to Work Hard – How About Working Smart

When you made that decision to start your own business and started to put things into place, you would have then realised that you were on your own. There’s no admin team…, that’s you, who’s in charge of Sales, you are. Who’s in charge of operations, the service...

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9 Ways to Show More Confidence in Business

Many entrepreneurs share specific qualities that are vital for starting and growing a business. They are passionate, resilient, focused on opportunities and comfortable with risks. But the quality that might have the most influence over an entrepreneur’s success...

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Confident Words That Inspire

Confident Words Hello and welcome to the blog page where I'd like to help you gain the confidence needed to achieve your goals. Here I will be sharing tips, ideas, stories and insights from myself The Confidence Coach to support you. However what gives me great...

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