Hello I'm Maureen

The Confidence Coach

The purpose of Confidence Coaching is to move you from Fear to achieving Fabulousness whether it is a personal, career or business goal.

We work with you to crack your confidence code breaking down fear barriers by kicking fear in the butt. Stripping away angst and negativity revealing achievement and triumphs.

Meet the Confidence Coach

Confidence – A way of being

I wasn’t the most confident person growing up but I knew what I was good at and what I wasn’t so good at. At one point in my life I became over confident and confused confidence with arrogance. Don’t worry, I soon learnt my lesson and was humbled by panic attacks giving me the opportunity to redesign my life and learn from scratch how to be confident in different situations.

Throughout my journey and until this day people have always asked me “how can I be more confident”, or they’d say, “I wish I were as confident as you”! My reply has always been, “Confidence comes after and not before an act”! I know that’s easier said than done but as I have personally experienced and have seen from working with others confidence is a skill that can be learnt.

Cracking The Confidence Code

To do this you first need to build your confidence muscles. But what is confidence?  Simply being ‘assured of yourself, having belief in yourself and your abilities. This is not to be confused with feeling good or with positive thinking. The difference between confidence and a one of moment of feeling good is that you can rely on it happening again and again and again.

Cracking The Confidence Code will help you establishing audacious goals and to unleash your fearlessness to create a life that fits you rather than allowing life to take control of you and your situations.

It will also help entrepreneurs and small business owners re-ignite the buzz back into their business.

Drawing on my experience and skills as a trainer and Coach with NLP, I will take you through a step by step process that will build your confidence muscles. This will make cracking the confidence code easier and something you can replicate at any time.

Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte attended a Free yourself from Fear workshop and wanted know how she could move from the position of feeling stuck and not knowing what she wanted. Her story and language was centered on what she couldn’t do. Charlotte was so caught up in her story she was unable to consider what was possible. At this point the group completed a simple exercise, to remember and acknowledge achievements from the past, recently and also from that day.

Charlotte feedback to the group and shared a dream she had when she was younger to live on a Native American Indian reserve which seemed way out there at the time. However Charlotte’s dream did materialized, she had volunteered her time in Peru amongst the Latin American Indians. Her experience had led her to adopt 2 Peruvian children. As she told the story, she had a massive ah ha moment. She had never acknowledge what she had done, achieved and what it took. For the rest of the workshop Charlotte was open she had found a sense of freedom to be creative and self-expressive. This enabled her to create an audacious goal involving returning back to Peru.