I came across this short blog by accident and it really resonated with me. When I think of the goals that I either found really hard or challenging and in some cases I didn’t complete. There was that feeling attached to the goals that I had to do it. Now where there is a ‘have to’ attached to a goal for me, then there is usually a bit of resistance in the air to, this all leads to either things being completed last minute or being delayed. Now changing my mindset from ‘have to’ to, ‘get to’, feels so much easier and chilled. Have a read and see whether a change of mindset can help you move forward with much more ease.


Have Versus Get

My secret for creating the right mindset is focusing on a “get to” versus a “have to” mentality. When feel we have to do something, we remove the choice which blinds us to opportunities and creativity in business. When we think of things we “get to” do, we take ownership and build fun and excitement into our activities. Looking at what we “get to” do adds excitement to business and transitions a mindset of victim-hood to a mindset of choice and leadership where we make the most of every day.

Acknowledgement to Jackie Vanover.