I came across the term Possibility Focused by accident, and as I type this blog I’m realising that; actually it wasn’t an accident. For the past few weeks I have been totally committed to practising my affirmations and focusing on attracting what I need and want. So, inadvertently I’ve been opening myself up to possibilities.    

A few years back I remember sitting in an uncomfortable meeting where most of the attendees were unhappy, and all that could be heard were complaints and disagreements. After a while the chairperson of the meeting raised her arm to quiet the group and then said, “I’m happy to hear your issues but they will remain issues unless we are solution focused”.

Wow…, solution focused, that sparked my interest. This was a much more beneficial and useful way to be. Being solution focused meant that you could air issues or frustration and then move things on with a solution. For years this approach has served me well and has also helped my clients work through various challenges.

Having experienced the benefits of the solution focused approach hearing about the Possibility Focused approach really stopped me in my tracks. How could this possibility top being solution focused? Well here it is. To be solution focused you normally come up with one or two solutions to manage the situation or challenge.

However, changing your mindset to managing a situation or challenge with a possibility focused approach opens you up to a variety of solutions, and it doesn’t end there. Because you are open to possibilities it allows you to go beyond what you first could have imagined.

So, what does it take to shift your mindset to a possibility focused way of being. Start off by trying these 3 steps.

  1. See problems or challenges as a moment or period rather than a situation which is permanent or fixed.
  2. Acknowledge your emotions around the situation and then visualise how you do want to feel.
  3. List as many possible solutions you can think of and then list the possible outcomes from the solutions listed.

Having a Possibility Focused mindset enables you to not only discover solutions to difficulties you may experience but it keeps your focus on future possibilities and opportunities. It allows you to see beyond your limitations.

As with all new habits it does takes practice, so keep with it.

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Written By Maureen Egbe