When you made that decision to start your own business and started to put things into place, you would have then realised that you were on your own. There’s no admin team…, that’s you, who’s in charge of Sales, you are. Who’s in charge of operations, the service delivery or product creation and communications, yes, that’s you again.

Now I’m not trying to scare you if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and for you guys who are already set up I’m sure you can identify with the multi-tasking required to manage your business. The thing is, there is so much to, and its bloody hard work, excuse my French but it’s true. There are not enough hours in the day to get through that ‘to do list’, everything is a priority. Sound familiar, do you get that overwhelming feeling, stop, you don’t have enough time to think about that, it’s not a priority…Lol.

So why do we work so hard. Yes, there’s the obvious, we’re running a business and we’re in charge. And I’m not saying hard work is bad, it is needed but are we being smart about the way we work. Sometimes we make running a business unnecessarily harder than it needs to be.

There are three key points we need to implement or continue implementing to begin working smarter.

Have Clarity – A lack of clarity can be a big problem. Are you clear about why you are doing what you’re doing? Is it working or are you on autopilot hoping things will get better or change?

Have a strategy – Having no strategy is the same as having no direction to your destination. This could be down to a lack of a business plan, (I’m not necessarily talking about a detailed report) a document outlining the direction of the business and it’s needs. Some people create business plans at the start of their business journey but then put it down for the dust mites. Having a plan helps you plot the path for your business, the plan is meant to be a living document to be reviewed and referred to and updated reflecting the current position of the business.

Have clear plans – A lack of planning can cause you to lose direction and focus. Are you clear about what you need to do next week, next month, for the year? How are you going to achieve your required outcomes? Once you have a clear strategy you can create a plan detailing how you will achieve your targets and outcomes.

These key factors may feel like hard work initially and this is just the start to working smarter. The benefits of having these factors in place means that you have focus. You will know where to spend more time or where to place your energy in the business. It reduces firefighting because you will be proactive rather than reactive.  You’ll be clear where your resources are going, and it will help you identify where you will need to invest in your business and in yourself.

You know how to work hard, let’s now start working smarter rather than harder.


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